15th Feb 2017

VillaSpa presents you a Swiss cosmetics Bellefontaine.

Opalis - Paris

We are happy to announce that now we opened Bellefontaine office in VillaSpa. This Swiss brand is the world's first cosmetic line created by Royal de Lux standards. The idea belongs to Peter Jupe Bellefontaine. There are Asian roots, a European education and years of experience in one of the Swiss premium cosmetic companies that helped to create a unique cosmetics brand.

10th June 2014

Your perfect hair by Opalis

Sometimes it can be difficult to solve problems with your hair and scalp by yourself. The best way is using professional and carefully selected care. We can find the best special treatment for you amongst professional French products of Opalis.

Opalis - Paris

La Creme
for dry and damaged hair
The unique creamy texture, macadamia oil blend, sweet almond and wheat germ actively nourish and protect dry hair, seal split ends and make hair soft and shiny.

La Bardane
for oily scalp
Burdock root powder effectively cleanses the hair, normalizes cellular metabolism and gives hair natural volume and freshness.

for fine hair
Japanese seaweed powder perfectly cleans greasy thin hair, seals the structure and creates an incredible long lasting volume.

La Capucine
for hair growth
Nasturtium seed extract affects the hair follicles, activating blood circulation and metabolism in scalp cells and reduces hair loss.

L`Huile De Cade
for oily scalp, anti-dandruff
Antiseptic uniper oil nourishes the hair and scalp, removing irritation, inflammation and dryness.

22nd April 2014
Nohem Russia is online!

Welcome to the official Russian website of Nohem cosmetics! Now you can simply learn more about the ethical philosophy of Nohem and discover all of products using full descriptions in Russian.

There are three main lines presented on the website: “Rituels d’Asie” facial care, “Rituels d’Afrique” body care and anti-age one “Rituels du Grand Nord”. The unique experience of women producing raw cosmetic materials worldwide becomes the base of Nohem chemical researches.

14th April 2014
April special offer for VillaSpa facebook and VKontakte subscribers

Have you already “liked” VillaSpa in social networks? It’s time to use your advantage! From 11th April till 15th of May only our subscribers can get our Guinot procedure “Bright&Shine” for special price – 1500 rubles.

Guinot is the world famous French professional cosmetic presented in over 14 000 beauty salons of 70 countries. Our procedure continues 40 minutes and contains deep cleansing, hand massage, standart facial care and nourishing mask. Just download the certificate from our website.

Please coordinate the date of your visit with our administrator by phone + 74012 955313

Download sertificat

25th June 2012
The new summer certificates

Certificate #1
Peducure 2750 RUB + Manicure 2100 RUB + Fresh Beverage 250 RUB = 3900 RUB (save 1200 RUB)

Certificate #2
Massage 2500 RUB + Manicure 2100 RUB + Fresh Beverage 250 RUB = 3700 RUB (save 1150 RUB)
Certificates are valid until the end of summer.

25th May 2012
VillaSpa store represents new SENSAI cosmetics originally from Japan. There are body care and face care products, and make up series based on the Koishimaru silk - one of the most precious natural fibers in the world.

31st March 2012
We offer new SPA-treatments for hair-care and scalp by OPALIS (Paris, France).

OPALIS special care for brittle hair and sensitive scalp
Active ingredient - macadamia oil serum.
Instant recovery of the long, dry, chemically damaged hair. Intensive moisturizing of scalp.
2500 RUB.

OPALIS special care for greasy scalp
Active ingredient - burdock root powder.
Sebaceous glands normalization resulting healthy and shiny hair, and styling preservation.
2500 RUB

OPALIS special care for thin hair
Active ingredient - AGAR-AGAR powder.
Excellent hair and scalp cleansing, an incredible volume effect. Visible hair thickness increasing.
2500 RUB

OPALIS special care with active hair growth stimulation / against hair loss
Active ingredient - nasturtium seeds powder.
Stimulation of hair follicles, hair growth activation. Normalization of cell metabolism, improving blood circulation, preventing the hair loss.
2200 RUB

OPALIS care for problematic scalp / anti-dandruff effect
Active ingredient - juniper oil.
Gentle scalp cleansing (incase of dandruff, scaling or psoriasis). Antiseptic and disinfectant action.
2500 RUB

24th December 2011
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We wish you always be healthy and full of energy! We'd like to know you're beautiful. The special Christmas gifts are now waiting for our customers.

2nd December 2011
VillaSpa is representing SWISS PERFECTION - the new innovative cosmetics from Montreux, Switzerland, complete with new facial care procedures
Intensive Hydratation Program 1h 15min, 4000 RUB

Complexion Program 1h 15min, 4000 RUB

Deep Cleansing Program 1h 15min, 4000 RUB

Stop Age Program 1h 20min, 7500 RUB

You can also buy some home-use cosmetics by SWEET PERFECTION at our store.

1st December 2011
No idea about the Christmas gifts? The special “2012 New Year Certificate” is the solution! Just buy it at VillaSpa reception desk and make a prettiest surprise for your friends or colleagues.The certificates are available for sale at our reception desk and via internet

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